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Sustainable brow cosmetics for eco-conscious individuals that elongate, enhance and replicate SPMU brow tattoos

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What customers are saying

I couldn't live without my Glaze and Pixel and ElixirBrow set! They complete my brows, just love them all


Happy customer

Amazing products! Cannot live without them!


Happy Customer

Pixel and Glaze & Go = Brows done INSTANTLY


Happy Customer

I cannot live without Glaze&Go, literally lasts all day and smells amazing!


Happy Customer

Absolutely love my ElixirBrow I use it on my brows and lashes daily it's awesome


Happy Customer

Amazing! Love that it's all natural products and they smell bloody gorgeous


Happy Customer

Our brow heroes to elongate, replicate and enhance cosmetic brow tattoos

ElixirBrow£31.00 GBP

Brow Rejuvenation Serum

Our Brow Rejuvenation Serum was created and developed by Allure Touches micropigmentation technician, with our semi-permanent brow clients in mind. The solution will not only help boost hair growth it will also improve the brow skin and assist in elongating the effect of pigmented tattooed brows.

Pixel£14.50 GBP

Brow Cushion Duo

Our multi-shade cushion dispensing duo complete with a ‘first of its kind’ Allure brow sponge wand and angled brush/spoolie combo, helps you to create Allure's signature Brow ‘The Pixel’ in two easy steps.

The power of two tones of pigmented colours are smudge-proof and fully water resistant to ensure a long-lasting look no matter the weather or activity.

Glaze & Go£15.00 GBP

Fluffy brow gloss

Brushed up brows goals In MINUTES?!

Then our NEW Vegan Glaze premixed is the brow wonder you need!

Create Allures signature ‘Glaze’ effect brows in fraction of the time. Our natural sweet scented premixed clear gloss, sets your brows in place for up to 12hours! Giving you that laminated look whenever you need it. All packaged in its first of a kind glass tube! Making it more ecofriendly and recyclable/reusable.

Behind the Brand

By Allure Touches is a new brow product line from Cosmetic tattoo experts Allure Touches.

Founded in 2014 by our company owner and technician Sarah-May, Sarah gained knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Cosmetic Tattooing and skin. She specialises in full facial symmetry and brow mapping, and understands the importance of natural enhancement. Her passion is eyebrows and has developed her own brow techniques such as the Sombre, Pixel and Glaze to offer a solution for all clients needs.