Behind The Brand

By Allure Touches is a new brow product line from Cosmetic tattoo experts Allure Touches.

Allure Touches was founded in 2014 by our company owner and technician Sarah-May. Extensively trained, Sarah gained knowledge and understanding of all aspects of Cosmetic Tattooing and skin. She specialises in full facial symmetry and brow mapping, and understands the importance of natural enhancement. Her passion is eyebrows and has developed her own brow techniques such as the Sombre, Pixel and Glaze to offer a solution for all clients needs.

In 2020 Allure won ‘Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of the Year’ for the whole of the North West England. A proud achievement for Sarah which was dedicated to her late Mother. She has gone on to be nominated in 2021 & 2022. Sponsored The beauty awards and made the top 100 influencers at the NHBF.

Sarah is a avid animal lover and understands the importance of caring for the planet. That’s why she’s created products that are reusable, recyclable and all natural materials. More importantly- They are NOT tested on animals or have any animal product inside.

We have carefully selected packaging such as glass bottles and jars, so that once product has ran out – they can be reusable! They make excellent and durable cream/spray/jewellery containers. Furthermore all our packaging is carbon balanced from FSC board ensuring we are helping the fight again climate change by providing packaging that doesn’t have an impact on our beautiful planet.


PIXEL was first developed and the idea started back in 2019 when clients asked Sarah how to create Allures Sombre and Pixel brow aka a ombré gradient brow. They struggled to create a lighter bulb without it looking heavy and blotchy. This got Sarah thinking…… what can clients use to create that soft ombré effect without a tattoo….and that isn’t on the market place already? Lightbulb moment – a first of its kind brow sponge brush! Marry this with cushion product and tada – a dream team for brow queens. The sponge enables small amounts of product to be collected, and when gently dabbed onto bulb area creates a pixel effect in a simple no fuss method! You don’t have to be a browcasso to use PIXEL!


Sarah then used her brow wisdom and sourced a company who specialises in alopecia formulas to develop a serum – The ElixirBROW. This was specifically created to be suitable for brow Tattoo clients to help elongate pigment retention but also to help anyone looking to care for Brow skin and hair growth! Double whammy! (It also contains super power ingredient Septonic M3 – go and check it out!)

Glaze & St Spritz

Following on from this, GLAZE was created. A sweet smelling clear gloss to create her signature brow The Glaze! A fluffy laminated brow that stays in place for up to 24 hours!

Alongside this St SPRITZ was formed to accompany, making them a match made in heaven! And finally, to complete the brow family – WAND was added into the mix! A sleek, compact spoolie that remains fluff free and retains product! Meaning – totally reusable, less waste, better for the environment and eco friendly.